Score2Stats is the most in-depth statistical system for tournaments and league’s on the internet.

Why Score2Stats?
The lack of an accurate and reliable on-line system to track and monitor player and team statistics has lead to the development of Score2stats.  Score2Stats is an exciting and innovated system that will post games results instantaneously and provides vital information to you, at your finger tips.  Having your child participating in a RINGETTE tournament half-way across the country and not being able to monitor their success can be frustrating.  Score2Stats solves your monitoring needs.


What is Score2Stats?
Our design team has developed a strong database schema that promotes efficient and reliable relationship for all statistical information.  This ensures that certain players belong to specific teams, as too divisions, as too events, as too schedule, as too game scores, as too goals, as too assists.  MS SQL server in conjunction with ASP.NET and WebServices provides the engine for Score2stats. This platform was designed to be expandable and adaptable to meet ever growing demands and requirements.