Score2Stats is the most in-depth statistical system for tournaments and league’s on the internet.

Features of Score2Stats:
 We at  We at Score2Stats have the knowledge to assist you and your commitee to make your Tournament run smoothly. Our job is to make your job easier. All you need to do is give us your schedule and all team rosters, and we do the rest. We will setup your own unique website. Also, and most importantly during your tournament we do all the data entry, you just need to provide us with the completed game sheets.
It’s that simple.
• Our service actually reduces volunteer hours because we do it.
• We will provide schedule verification and recommendations.
• Score2Stats automatically ensures your schedule has no game time conflicts.
• Score2Stats has utilities for player name clean-up and formatting.
• Score2Stats allows exports of schedules and grids for programs and wall displays.
• We have custom gamesheet.
• Score2Stats has the ability to print the complete game header and rosters directly on gamesheets.
• We can be onsite or offsite.
• We are reliable and accurate.
• We provide detailed Tournament Summary Package.
• We are proven.

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